Ultimate Backup Plan

Our foaming formula can seal and inflate your tires in seconds and injects straight through the valve core; with no extra tools required and no need to remove your wheel. You can be back on your ride in no time.

GÜP packs a punch! Our 125ml canister gives riders a chance to fill and seal tires of numerous sizes in all categories of cycling; while also working with tubeless, tubed and tubular tires. With two easy-to-use adapters for cyclists to choose from, GÜP has been considered the ultimate backup plan for cyclists all over the world.

Focus On The Ride. Not On The Fix.

GÜP gives riders a chance to get back in their saddles faster; whether they’re racing and want to remain competitive, or on a weekend ride with inpatient friends who don’t like waiting to watch tires being repaired.

A GÜP canister also has enough pressure to reseat a burped tubeless tire, which is why it has quickly become a reliable way for enduro-racers and mountain bikers to avoid those dreaded DNFs on race day, or hiking back to the trailhead while training.

Our latex-based formula is compatible with most sealants on the market; both latex and non-latex based.

Get GÜP!

Quick-fix sealant and inflation device

NEW! GÜP "kwiki" Hose Top (Schrader and Presta Compatible)

Our canisters include a latex-based formula which can simultaneously inflate and seal most common punctures quickly.  Works with tubes, tubeless, and tubular tires.  Proven to seal up to a 6mm puncture on tubeless tires, getting you back in the saddle faster.  Enough pressure to seat a tubeless tire onto a rim–an enduro racers...
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