Flats are no problem with GÜP. It seals and inflates your tire in seconds. No extra tools needed. No need to remove your wheel. You’ll be back on your ride in no time.

Focus on the ride. Not on the fix.

Seals. Inflates. Gets you back in the saddle faster.  

GÜP /gōōp/ noun:  quick-fix sealant and inflation device

Grit Free

Top cap ensures that the speed adapter will be clean upon use.

Speed Adapter

Easy to use and compatible with both shrader and presta style valves.

Packs a punch!

Our 125ml canister is capable of filling and sealing a 29″ MTB tire.

Easy to Use

Infographic instructions ensure that anyone can fix a flat within seconds!

The Goods

Eco-friendly, latex-based formula with no added ammonia

Leave no Trace

Please remember to recycle and always take your canister back with you.

GÜP in Action

Real people.  Real problems.  Fast solution.  

Step-by-Step Instructions

How to use GÜP

GÜP in the Wild!

Road ride saved by GÜP

GÜP trailside fix!

Focus on the ride. Not the fix.

Back up your back up plan

One(1) 125ml canister


Après Shred Gear

Look good.  Feel Good.


Hölster up, partner!

Hold your GÜP on seat posts, saddle rails and frames!


The Team 6-Pack

Six 125ml canisters


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We love hearing from GÜP-ers around the world!  Let us know what kind of pickle you were in and how GÜP saved the day.  

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