GÜP "Kwiki" (Schrader specific)


Eco-Friendly, latex-based formula simultaneously inflates and seals punctured tires within seconds.  Works with tubes, tubeless, and tubular tires.  Proven to seal up to 6mm punctures quickly to get you back in the saddle.  Threaded nozzle works with, both, presta and schrader valves.  Fills a 29 x 2.4 MTB tire up to about 29psi.

125ml canister of GÜP with hose adapter specifically designed for schrader valves (presta adapter also included)

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1 User-Friendly Top Easy to use push-button applicator

2 Dual-Purpose Nozzle Flexible hose for hard to reach valves and threaded nozzles which screw onto both presta and schrader valves

3 The Goods Eco-friendly, latex-based formula with no added ammonia.

4 Packs a Punch! Our 125ml canister is capable of filling and sealing a 29” MTB tire.

5 Easy to Use Infographic instructions ensure that anyone can fix a flat within seconds!

6 Leave No Trace Please remember to recycle and always take your canister back with you.