Your Backup Plan

GÜP "kwiki" Speed Adapter (Presta Specific)

Our canisters include a latex-based formula which can simultaneously inflate and seal most common punctures quickly.  Works with tubes, tubeless, and tubular tires.  Proven to seal up to a 6mm puncture on tubeless tires, getting you back in the saddle faster.  Enough pressure to seat a tubeless tire onto a rim–an...

6-Pack Speed Adapter (Includes 2 FREE Hölsters)

The 6-pack of GÜP "kwiki's" will allow you to share with friends, or just keep them for your own peace of mind.  Purchase includes 2 Free Hölsters! Six 125ml GÜP Canisters with Presta Specific Speed Adapter:  Perfect for teams

The Hölster

The "Hölster" allows you to carry your GÜP in style and have quick access to it when it's needed the most.  The long velcro strap allows it to fit on most frames, seat posts and saddle rails, while the lightweight silicon block protects your frame and keeps your GÜP securely...

Add GÜP to Your Team

GÜP Overview
Eco-friendly, latex-based formula
Inflates & seals punctured tires within seconds
Works with tubes, tubeless, tubular tires
Seals punctures up to 1-2mm
Fills a 29x2.4 MTB tire up to 29psi
125ml canister of GÜP
Weight: 4.3oz / 122 grams
Perfect GÜP Compliments

GÜP Holster
Holds GÜP to seat posts, frames & saddle rails

GÜP Six-Packs
Perfect for the team or family of adventurers

Focus On The Race. Not On The Fix.

We’ve made our GÜP product easy to use. It is compatible with both shrader and presta style valves. We also made GÜP grit free to ensure the speed adapter will be clean upon use.

Our GÜP blend is Eco-friendly, latex-based formula with no aded ammonia. Please help and be environmentally conscious and leave no trace. Remember to recycle and always take you used/empty canister back with you.