Easy to use, easy to sell. The perfect solution for any flat tire.
- Cal Coast Bicycles, San Diego, CA

Aside from how well it works and the fact that it can be a life saver out on the trails/road the best thing about GÜP is everybody needs it. Its the perfect add on to any sale. Don’t know how to fix a flat? No Problem GÜP! Running tubeless or tubes? No problem GÜP! GÜP helps us easily add value to any transaction.
- Sea Sports Cyclery, Hyannis, MA

When asked what I think about GUP as a reliable product, especially with the type of riding I do, I simply answer like this...
It’s the most valuable inflation tool there is, and you won’t ever catch me without it”…and as a retailer, I won’t let you leave without one.
- Revolution Bike Shop, Solana Beach, CA

As an Emtb Rider and manager/ salesman of an Ebike shop, GÜP is my go-to rescue sealant/fix-a-flat for on the trail. I always have a can of GÜP in my pack. And it’s our shop’s first suggestion for customers looking for a trail-side rescue sealant.
- Open Trails Ebikes, Santa Clarita, CA

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Quick-fix sealant and inflation device